Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Ila Dusk

Above is a picture of an ila Dusk Personal Alarm for women - My Mum bought me one of these from Marks & Spencers as a birthday present last week and I think it's a really great idea. You can wear it on your keyring or on your bag and when activated it emits a piercing scream which would definitely alert attention! All personal alarms I had seen previously were chunky and ugly and I knew I'd never want to carry one, which is why I really love the ila Dusk, the designs are so cute I don't mind wearing mine on the outside of my bag at all, in fact it actually makes a cool accessory. On top of this, I definitely now feel safer when I'm out and about at night. You should check out ila's website and have a look at their other designs.

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